To schedule a reading please email me at sansoucieink@gmail.com for payment information. 

Find me on Instagram to stay updated about workshops and other fun stuff: @SansoucieTarot

By phone: Please pay ahead of our call to hold your spot. Please note: Every extra 10 minutes is $15.

30 minutes- $40

1 hour- $80

In-person readings: Payment before the session begins, please. Every extra 10 minutes is $15.

Where I come to you- $95 per hour

15 min cafe sessions- $25

30 min cafe – $45

45 min cafe – $60

1 hour cafe – $75

  • If you want to share the time for an hour session with a friend and split the fee, that is ok with me.
  • I do offer a sliding scale on pricing. You are welcome to email or message me and we can figure something out.
  • Ask about tutoring!

Types of spreads 

3-Card spreads: An all-purpose spread that can be tailored to suit just about any question. This can be a reading on its own or in addition to another spread.

Celtic crosses: An all-purpose spread for delving into the details of the big picture. 10-12 cards.

Relationship Dynamics Spread: This can be used to illuminate the details of any type of relationship. It can also be used for helping to shine a light on the parts of ourselves we need to nourish to let love in. 6-9 cards.

Two Directions: This spread is best for weighing your options between two paths, whether this pertains to places, occupations, lovers, or any other big decision that presents a fork in the road. 12-15 cards.

Year Ahead forecasts for birthdays and the new year. 13-16 cards + oracles.