Hunger at The Leopard

Stepping into The Leopard at des Artistes from the chilly, quiet sidewalk is a serious New York experience. The lively scents, the bustling and confident white-shirts, the candlelight with the classic peeking nudes resident Howard Chandler Christy painted in a luscious garden of earthly and earthy delights- that is The Leopard at what once was Cafe des Artistes. I … Continue reading Hunger at The Leopard

Refreshingly Fresh “Fast Food”: Chirping Chicken

The pro-sides of this food stop are many, including the simple facts that follow: it’s inexpensive, fast, and never tastes like fast food. The service is the same whether you stop by for table service or order-in. The servings are generous and the mainstay, namesake - the once chirping, now not so, chicken - is … Continue reading Refreshingly Fresh “Fast Food”: Chirping Chicken

Sarabeth’s West Offers Rural Fare in an Urban Setting

Sarabeth’s Kitchen on the Westside of Manhattan is a place of extremes. For weekend brunch, it is packed to the brim from opening to close, but weekdays after 2 p.m. you can enter and take over any table you want for an indefinite period of time because it is totally barren of people (though mostly not … Continue reading Sarabeth’s West Offers Rural Fare in an Urban Setting

American Comfort Food That’s ‘Good Enough To Eat’

The food at Good Enough To Eat is well-proportioned, “All-American,” and satisfying to all senses. There’s a little extra something to each dish. Take the turkey club as one example. I have never in my life been tempted to order a turkey club. One day I went to Good Enough to Eat and was devastated when the … Continue reading American Comfort Food That’s ‘Good Enough To Eat’

My Top 3: Italian Eateries on the UWS

Most of the American population indulges in the saucy, cheesy, doughy, often meatiness of pizza dishes and hero sandwiches. Separating “going out or Italian” from Italian American cuisine, I would like to introduce you to three of the more traditional Italian eateries on the Upper West Side. These places are suited for big family meals, … Continue reading My Top 3: Italian Eateries on the UWS