Empathy, Lust and Love: ‘The Sessions’

After seeing 'The Sessions', I was left wondering about the actual purpose of love in some people’s lives. It often leaves us feeling elated, then broken or nervous to a state of insecurity, then in pieces that need to be picked up fast so that we can survive from day to day. Love doesn’t feed, … Continue reading Empathy, Lust and Love: ‘The Sessions’

‘The Impossible’ Horror of Reality

On December 26th, 2004, thousands of families who had come to vacation in various coastal resorts around the luxurious South Pacific began their day like any other in what, by all accounts, exists as a paradise on Earth. Would they go diving, snorkle, or stay in bed enjoying the sunshine and ocean view from their windows? … Continue reading ‘The Impossible’ Horror of Reality

On Realism and Telling History: ‘Lincoln’

Spielberg’s 'Lincoln' is a story molded out of cold facts and softened by clever anecdotal interludes between Lincoln and his advisors (vice president, wife, and the people who look after his household). Of course Abraham Lincoln is so well-known to most audience members that the historical backdrop is easily set, allowing the storyline to progress from … Continue reading On Realism and Telling History: ‘Lincoln’