‘Topaz’: Romance in a Violent World

People fall in love everywhere, all the time. They fall for fellow workers and comrades. They flirt in dirty bomb shelters in much the same way they meet in beautiful marketplaces. Naked, both emotionally and physically, we are all quite similar and circumstances just make us more or less creative about finding ways into one … Continue reading ‘Topaz’: Romance in a Violent World

Period Films: My Love of Other Eras

Romantic period films and longing through my ages It seems to me that there are not many films that portray longing in all its greatness these days. As our overloaded brains tap out under the pressures of keeping “must-do’s” in order, our patience for creative work grows shorter in span. We want what we see … Continue reading Period Films: My Love of Other Eras

Blame, Sweet Blame: ‘Enough Said’

With all the makings of a Hollywood romantic comedy, Enough Said is this year’s winner in the category of light-hearted yet beautiful moral film stories. There is a question and an answer in this little gem, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character, Eva, asks and answers: is there a way to prevent heartbreak? The answer is in … Continue reading Blame, Sweet Blame: ‘Enough Said’

Empathy, Lust and Love: ‘The Sessions’

After seeing 'The Sessions', I was left wondering about the actual purpose of love in some people’s lives. It often leaves us feeling elated, then broken or nervous to a state of insecurity, then in pieces that need to be picked up fast so that we can survive from day to day. Love doesn’t feed, … Continue reading Empathy, Lust and Love: ‘The Sessions’