Weathering a Storm of the Heart

Heartache is a creature discomfort unlike any other known to us humans. Unlike the usual sadness or despair we experience over things like a lost job, lack of parental support, or not having as many social opportunities as we'd like, matters of lost or damaged loves are particularly and broadly wrenching and tend to send … Continue reading Weathering a Storm of the Heart

Psychopathy in Hitchcock Thrillers ‘Rope’ (1948)

Character Study: Rupert Cadell ('Rope', 1948) I recently read an article in which the author questioned whether a psychopath could be a good person. Scientists have studied psychopathic behaviors enough that they’ve come full-circle, considering that psychotic people should be viewed with empathy and even admiration. After all, they are focused, not driven by emotions, … Continue reading Psychopathy in Hitchcock Thrillers ‘Rope’ (1948)