The Quiet Lineage of Class War: ‘Little Accidents’

America, "the land of the free", is a vast space with two borders that bleed drinkable prosperity and a center that struggles to keep the so-called American Dream alive. I hesitate not to explore the ways in which America is impoverished educationally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually. As an American woman, I cannot afford to withhold … Continue reading The Quiet Lineage of Class War: ‘Little Accidents’

‘Obvious Child’: A Continuation of Last Year’s Brilliant Feminist Rom-Com Magic

Back in 2014, I wrote that 'In a World' was the first truly feminist romantic comedy I'd ever seen. The fact that there was a female protagonist with sexual and career-oriented agency, who's main focus was not how her hair looked when her crush walked by, but that she liked him...and he liked her. There's … Continue reading ‘Obvious Child’: A Continuation of Last Year’s Brilliant Feminist Rom-Com Magic

The Indie Film World Reformation

"The indie theatrical release is dead" proclaimed Michael Kang, the indie film director of Kimberley Rose Wolters’s new feature-length romantic comedy "4 Weddings". In a Q&A session that was quickly overtaken by the current woes of the indie film industry, this was the most disconcerting comment made by Kang, Rose Wolters, or actress Iliana Douglass. Kang continued … Continue reading The Indie Film World Reformation

Ideas of Searching in ‘Searching for Sugar Man’

The first mistake a movie-goer can make is to assume that the way the story they came to see is going to be told in the only way it could have been told. This is particularly true of documentaries, because they are about, before all else, information. Documentarians tell stories by organizing information in their own way, and as with any good … Continue reading Ideas of Searching in ‘Searching for Sugar Man’

‘Another Earth’ & Earthly Redemption

The elements of science fiction in ANOTHER EARTH accentuate the most important human elements of the story: forgiveness, alienation, victimization, and how to carry a burden. Protagonist Rhoda Williams is just about to start her life as a student at MIT, when she crashes into a car, killing a man’s wife, son, and unborn child. … Continue reading ‘Another Earth’ & Earthly Redemption