‘Wild’ on the Path to Consciousness

Wild has been praised by critics and audiences alike mainly because people love seeing people make tons of mistakes and survive the journey. We love growth through hardship, even if (or maybe especially when) the protagonist is stepping on her own feet. It just makes for all the necessary pain and relief we need to … Continue reading ‘Wild’ on the Path to Consciousness

The Extreme Misogyny of ‘Vertigo’

I often wonder why Jimmy Stewart, an actor known for having a wholesome nature in an out of character, would play increasingly misogynistic roles in Hitchcock's films over a span of a decade. I'm sure he had his pick of other scripts and Hitchcock wasn't the only brilliant director around (*read any other piece I've … Continue reading The Extreme Misogyny of ‘Vertigo’

Old / Interesting: Deviant Women in Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘The Weight of Water’

Kathryn Bigelow is known for her gut-wrenching studies of contemporary warriors and putting modern war tactics on display to the possible peril of her public reputation. Fortunately for her, this venture has proven to be undeniably captivating, in spite of being the subject of massive amounts of controversy. After all the talk, she is recognized … Continue reading Old / Interesting: Deviant Women in Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘The Weight of Water’

Old / Interesting: M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable’

I recently read a crude article in which some journalist attacked M. Night Shyamalan's entire career. It was so plain mean, I won't link to it- you're left to web search (if you like soggy yellow rags). Anyway, just after skimming this brutal assessment and finding that it went just a step beyond multiple other … Continue reading Old / Interesting: M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable’

The Most Classic Horror Film: ‘Psycho’

All my life I've heard people name Hitchcock's "Psycho" as the scariest movie they've ever seen. I heard the music from Janet Leigh's murder scene played as a spoof on TV and saw clips of Leigh screaming bloody murder in the shower. I understood that this movie was an icon of horror, but couldn't get … Continue reading The Most Classic Horror Film: ‘Psycho’

‘The Lady Vanishes’ – To Judge and to Fear

Conspiracy Thrills One life. Hitchcock tended toward the kind of funny that pokes fun at institutions and systems. In "The Lady Vanishes", the humor and drama are essentially about trusting one's self in unbelievable situations. To start, the jolly older woman -Ms.Froy- who ends up caught in a conspiracy plot on her way home to … Continue reading ‘The Lady Vanishes’ – To Judge and to Fear

Choreographing Feeling: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

I finally got a chance to see Wes Anderson's latest, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. I must say that it made me feel like filmmaking was all arts captured and choreographed into colors and shapes before me. The perfection of the character's movements is ironic, the look and feel of their fortunes and misfortunes is mechanical, … Continue reading Choreographing Feeling: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

You know what? 5 Reasons Why ‘Dear White People’ is a Must-See Dramedy

1. Woman with a Camera: In a film which seeks to expose a great number of social issues, giving multiple characters ways of telling and managing their own stories allowed the story to keep moving and these storytellers to keep developing without pausing too much for explanatory notes. When Sam White (Tessa Thompson) holds up … Continue reading You know what? 5 Reasons Why ‘Dear White People’ is a Must-See Dramedy