Entry 52015- A Mythical Creature, Wanted

  To be known  without getting into trouble- A test of concealment, wickedly daunting for the vigorous soul. "You, you are beautiful  and you are dishonest",  An earthy voice swallows defaming words. Tension rises. She, the reason,  who curtains off her passions, cries thick tears. Sheds a cloudy mess of sensation, takes a hot bath … Continue reading Entry 52015- A Mythical Creature, Wanted

‘Appropriate Behavior’: The Importance of Unromantic Comedy

In an awards season teeming with adorable, quirky romantic comedies, Desiree Akhavan's decidedly unromantic comedy is a nice departure from average depictions of relationship woes. In 'Appropriate Behavior' protagonist Shirin (played by writer/director Akhavan) struggles with finding her way in the world, stuck between her traditional Iranian family's expectations and her own desires after a … Continue reading ‘Appropriate Behavior’: The Importance of Unromantic Comedy

The Extreme Misogyny of ‘Vertigo’

I often wonder why Jimmy Stewart, an actor known for having a wholesome nature in an out of character, would play increasingly misogynistic roles in Hitchcock's films over a span of a decade. I'm sure he had his pick of other scripts and Hitchcock wasn't the only brilliant director around (*read any other piece I've … Continue reading The Extreme Misogyny of ‘Vertigo’

The World of ‘Outlander’ vs. the Spectacle of ‘Reign’

I love history and I truly appreciate that people who run television networks think historical characters are worth putting on T.V., but why must it all be inaccurate? Can it not be spectacular and real and massively viewed, all at once? Why did a show like "Reign" make it past the first season? Sensationalism. Targeting … Continue reading The World of ‘Outlander’ vs. the Spectacle of ‘Reign’

Project Continua + The Sackler Center

brooklynmuseum: I was blown away by the success of Saturday’s Wikipedia edit-a-thon. We couldn’t have hoped for a more enthusiastic or diverse community of participants. Project Continua’s Director, Gina Luria Walker, said during her remarks that by editing articles about historical women, we were “making history by providing an alternative narrative of the past.” A … Continue reading Project Continua + The Sackler Center

Like Project Continua on Facebook

Project Continua will be accessible and contributable by everyone. The core of Project Continua is the “female biography” archive, searchable content containing individual entries for each woman, including up-to-date scholarship on their life trajectories, their work, and the new knowledge they produced. Project Continua will also act as a virtual workspace in which students can … Continue reading Like Project Continua on Facebook