RedFarm Continues West Village Dominance

RedFarm turns away hundreds of hungry would-be diners every night. Many of these people return, not only because that which is hard-to-get is all the more enticing, but because the guy they meet upon entering that automatic sliding door up front will assure them that the place wants them to get in - if not today, some other … Continue reading RedFarm Continues West Village Dominance

Farm to Plate at Amali in Midtown East

Herbs are not nearly as appreciated in North American cooking as they should be. Basil, mint, sage, and cilantro are popular in areas where so-called “ethnic” cuisine is valued by the consumers of this fast-food nation (and over this, my foodie heart cries). At Amali, restaurateur James Mallios’ newest venture, the menu is spiked all over … Continue reading Farm to Plate at Amali in Midtown East

Go Wild at Empanada Mama!

"You came at the perfect time! Empanada Mama- this is the real feeling of the place. Enjoy!" Indeed- Empanada Mama is a tiny, railroad cafe full of delicious eats and close-contact chatter. New Yorkers -particularly Manhattanites- often develop very creative ideas about space, because we don’t usually have any. And life goes on. We collect … Continue reading Go Wild at Empanada Mama!

Classy Beer & Peruvian Fare at La Cerveceria

Owning a restaurant in Manhattan is, to say the least, a precarious business. Starting a restaurant off a blank page is a daring venture in such an unpredictable place. After a fairly mind-blowing meal in restauranteur Kyle Saliba’s new specialty beer and tapas bar, I developed a whole new appreciation for daredevils. He explained how La Cerveceria came … Continue reading Classy Beer & Peruvian Fare at La Cerveceria

Hunger at The Leopard

Stepping into The Leopard at des Artistes from the chilly, quiet sidewalk is a serious New York experience. The lively scents, the bustling and confident white-shirts, the candlelight with the classic peeking nudes resident Howard Chandler Christy painted in a luscious garden of earthly and earthy delights- that is The Leopard at what once was Cafe des Artistes. I … Continue reading Hunger at The Leopard

Bright Night: Cafe du Soleil

Crème brûlée with a hint of lavender, cornmeal-crusted calamari, moules frites with garlic aplenty- what says sun like the fruits of the sea and cream spiced with flowers? Cafe du Soleil is very much about maintaining an air of fresh air and sunlight. I know this because I tested it out on an overcast, bone-cold Manhattan night, and … Continue reading Bright Night: Cafe du Soleil