Entry 71115- The Well-Deep Thought Mine

My twisted belly knows it squeezes, rocks My beating heart knows meaty life-giver My chattering teeth Chipped fingernails know clipped short, still claws My restless feet know "no dancing" say angry heels My red streaked eyes know Burning tears come and go They know what I should've done. They are punishing me for not following … Continue reading Entry 71115- The Well-Deep Thought Mine

‘Marnie’: The Complexities of a ” Sex Mystery”

"One might call 'Marnie' a 'sex mystery', if one used such words." - Alfred Hitchcock 'Marnie' is by far the most extreme vision of frigidity Hitchcock ever explored. Adapted by Jay Presson Allen from Winston Graham's novel of the same name, it serves as an oddly seductive screen commentary about the origins of psychosis in … Continue reading ‘Marnie’: The Complexities of a ” Sex Mystery”

‘Still Alice’ and the Empathetic Eye

According to the Alzheimer's Association, one in three seniors are diagnosed with Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia. There are currently 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer's, and a new patient is diagnosed every 67 seconds. Given the striking number of families this disease affects, the discussion about a cure and preventative methods is … Continue reading ‘Still Alice’ and the Empathetic Eye

A Debut: Dan Gilroy’s ‘Nightcrawler’

* Spoiler alert Awards season 2015 is brimming with brazenly self-aware stories. Well, no one can say such a thing about mediums on media with 100% certainty because filmmakers so often make the "it's just a movie" claim like they had no intentions or responsibility about influencing public consciousness about social issues whatsoever, but I'd … Continue reading A Debut: Dan Gilroy’s ‘Nightcrawler’

‘Foxcatcher’: Unforgiving Expectations

Foxcatcher is based on violent and disturbing real life events. The extent to which these events are portrayed truthfully is unknowable, but nonetheless there is an abundance of social truth in the performance of the three leading men in the film. The protagonist, Mark Schultz, is played with full belief in the body and mind … Continue reading ‘Foxcatcher’: Unforgiving Expectations

A Purist Rom-Com: A Touch of Death in ‘The Trouble with Harry’

From death cometh life and the living can be ridiculous! Fascinating! Oh good, good grief! Alfred Hitchcock always liked his films to have a sense of humor about them, and "The Trouble with Harry" is the height of funny stuff. There's this man who happens to have died at the apex of everybody's favorite hiking … Continue reading A Purist Rom-Com: A Touch of Death in ‘The Trouble with Harry’

Psychopathy in Hitchcock Thrillers ‘Rope’ (1948)

Character Study: Rupert Cadell ('Rope', 1948) I recently read an article in which the author questioned whether a psychopath could be a good person. Scientists have studied psychopathic behaviors enough that they’ve come full-circle, considering that psychotic people should be viewed with empathy and even admiration. After all, they are focused, not driven by emotions, … Continue reading Psychopathy in Hitchcock Thrillers ‘Rope’ (1948)