Suffering Your Art: ‘Whiplash’

Stories about artists struggling to reach success are often sympathetic to the artist. They're usually focused completely on the false pretense that harsh challenges met on the road to being successful are acutely unfair and that they are comparable to simply standing up for oneself by telling the supposed enemy to back down. That's the … Continue reading Suffering Your Art: ‘Whiplash’

‘St. Vincent’: Bright Spot of this Awards Season

A critic wrote not too long ago that Bill Murray needs to drop his 800-number and get an agent so he can snag that Oscar-winning role he so deserves. I think that review alone should've prepared the Academy to honor his next performance- it only seems fair. * Serious Man Voice: "Oh, reeeally? You think … Continue reading ‘St. Vincent’: Bright Spot of this Awards Season

The Most Classic Horror Film: ‘Psycho’

All my life I've heard people name Hitchcock's "Psycho" as the scariest movie they've ever seen. I heard the music from Janet Leigh's murder scene played as a spoof on TV and saw clips of Leigh screaming bloody murder in the shower. I understood that this movie was an icon of horror, but couldn't get … Continue reading The Most Classic Horror Film: ‘Psycho’

Choreographing Feeling: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

I finally got a chance to see Wes Anderson's latest, 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'. I must say that it made me feel like filmmaking was all arts captured and choreographed into colors and shapes before me. The perfection of the character's movements is ironic, the look and feel of their fortunes and misfortunes is mechanical, … Continue reading Choreographing Feeling: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’