Update: Joe O’Donoghue’s ‘Happenstansically Beautiful’

In October, I wrote about a chance meeting I had with Brooklyn- based artist named Joe O'Donoghue and his newly exhibited works of art. O'Donoghue recently opened up his gallery and workspace for a show of the work, aptly titled "Happenstansically Beautiful". O'Donoghue's pieces are all the result of his well-known ice sculpting work. The … Continue reading Update: Joe O’Donoghue’s ‘Happenstansically Beautiful’

Reaction to Four Umbrellas – Tupac Martir @NYFOL

Dumbo is small and steep and low. When it rains, it floods. The streets are unsteady, the buildings are old and crumbling, yet they are being reinforced at great expense by hopeful creatives. This damp, previously isolated industrial area is the scene of the first ever New York Festival of Light. From three blocks away, … Continue reading Reaction to Four Umbrellas – Tupac Martir @NYFOL

The Art of the Art that Melts: Brooklyn Ice Sculptor Joe O’Donoghue’s Latest Exhibit

You know those stories where someone finds a random object that turns out to be a key to a very usual looking door that's actually a portal which opens up into a magical land? Well, one day I was walking down Plymouth Street, past the great Brooklyn Roasting Co. and I stopped to take a … Continue reading The Art of the Art that Melts: Brooklyn Ice Sculptor Joe O’Donoghue’s Latest Exhibit

Wangechi Mutu’s “The Fantastic Journey”

Having previously written about the very ….how should I put it? well-documented Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, I’ve also been ruminating on the truly fantastical collection of work on display in the same museum, but with no cameras allowed, by Wangechi Mutu. The exhibit is quiet, so that you can feel the … Continue reading Wangechi Mutu’s “The Fantastic Journey”

Jean Paul Gaultier // The Brooklyn Museum

The magnificent Jean Paul Gaultier show at the Brooklyn Museum ended with a swarming salute from the last round of art-lovers and fashion queens, who filled the lavishly adorned + spectacularly curated 5th floor gallery space last Sunday. Upon entering into the gallery, I the first thing I realized was that cameras were allowed in. … Continue reading Jean Paul Gaultier // The Brooklyn Museum

Project Continua + The Sackler Center

brooklynmuseum: I was blown away by the success of Saturday’s Wikipedia edit-a-thon. We couldn’t have hoped for a more enthusiastic or diverse community of participants. Project Continua’s Director, Gina Luria Walker, said during her remarks that by editing articles about historical women, we were “making history by providing an alternative narrative of the past.” A … Continue reading Project Continua + The Sackler Center

Review of a Tiny Piano Starlet: Meagan Cook Mora

Meagan Cook has played music at Carnegie Hall before. She has even played at Carnegie Hall at Christmas time before. This is not a first, and it will not be the last time Cook plays for a large audience, full of teachers, coaches, professional musicians, her fellow ingenues from around the globe in a puffy, … Continue reading Review of a Tiny Piano Starlet: Meagan Cook Mora