On Broadway: ‘The Encounter’ Gets in Your Head 

Simon McBurneyThe Arthur Golden theater on Broadway, built in 1929, is housing a one man show run on haunting technological fervor through January 8th of next year. Simon McBurney and a team of sound operators and projection technicians bring to life a sparse but electrifying set made up of a handful of microphones, packs of … Continue reading On Broadway: ‘The Encounter’ Gets in Your Head 

‘Big Eyes’: Hidden Histories

Women's stories are just beginning to come to light in film beyond chick flicks and romances. Tim Burton's latest feature goes a step beyond drama, even, depicting the true story of a talented woman who was taken advantage of by a thieving conman (who she married). 'Big Eyes' unmasks an awful trend in history, one … Continue reading ‘Big Eyes’: Hidden Histories

Suffering Your Art: ‘Whiplash’

Stories about artists struggling to reach success are often sympathetic to the artist. They're usually focused completely on the false pretense that harsh challenges met on the road to being successful are acutely unfair and that they are comparable to simply standing up for oneself by telling the supposed enemy to back down. That's the … Continue reading Suffering Your Art: ‘Whiplash’

Reaction to Four Umbrellas – Tupac Martir @NYFOL

Dumbo is small and steep and low. When it rains, it floods. The streets are unsteady, the buildings are old and crumbling, yet they are being reinforced at great expense by hopeful creatives. This damp, previously isolated industrial area is the scene of the first ever New York Festival of Light. From three blocks away, … Continue reading Reaction to Four Umbrellas – Tupac Martir @NYFOL

The New York Festival of Light

The experience of walking through Dumbo at night has changed enormously in the past few years. Since the development of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the revitalization of the industrial village as a land of artists and galleries, the area has become a hotspot for tech start-ups and a hub for creative professionals with the opening … Continue reading The New York Festival of Light