The White Rose of the Tarot

The white rose in tarot is shown on two cards of the major arcana: the Fool and Death. The Fool follows his bliss, with the white rose of purity and innocence in his outstretched left hand. Death carries a banner emblazoned with the symbol of the white rose, signifying purification through transformation (also in his left hand). Here I am with a white rose in my left hand, focused on the essence of life: my breath. I am thankful and receptive.

Do you ever just wake up, look at your feet and hands, sit up, and think “Yes. I’m just happy to be breathing. That is everything.” …And go on with your day, figuring things out and being as gentle as possible with yourself? This has been a rough summer for so many of us. We will get through it. If you feel like Death, the weight and chaos of inevitable change looming, return to the essence of the Fool, who is unafraid, naturally attracted to growth, and purely invested in his own abundant, unfuckablewith life force. What he gives, he gives purely, from his core, out of his natural state of love. Death reminds him that sometimes growth is painful and unsettling.

You are the Fool, full of life. You are the loving and lovable Fool. You are the Fool who reckons with Death under the banner of the immortal rose, even when it has died in your hand on the journey. And you are responsible for your life and your love. Nourish you. Breathe, breathe, breathe.

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