You’re a Human Thing

:: HUMAN :: Hello, Human! Hello. You are flesh and sinew and blood and bone! You are morning glory cells and serotonin and all that is ephemeral and all that is tangible in sweat and love. You are everything in life and beyond death and back around. Oh, Human! You do what you can. And sometimes you do what you shouldn’t- the “can’t”- because you want so much to do well in this world that runs on perverse clocks to the beat of consumption and the detriment of those who just want to make things. Dear Human, take comfort in your own story, in your history, in your flesh and blood now that the spirit veil is thinning. Live in your mortal body with the energy of your immortal soul leading you on with each deep, warm, salt water, earth-fed breath. Do what you can, for whom you can, and be kind to them and to you, you with that fire in your belly and courage in the weight you carry through this beautiful, scary world.

* Here’s a song

Carry on~

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