Entry 111216- You like a good show

The first to congratulate the one who does a fine trick,

Your concept of quality (you proudly proclaim it as such) is quantity wrapped in a bow, sir.

They do put on a good show, I’ll give you that.

I’d give you more, if you could see what was before you instead of looking above, bedazzled

and below- your chance to feel much better about the You that’s a name echoing in the ether, from one good to the next.

You must’ve noticed by now what my main trick is. It’s nothing fancy- nothing like the sleepless, drunken juggler of “importants”,

Central under his awning with signs directing onlookers, encouraging more and still more,

never enough! Come all.

No, I’m a woman who can make herself slip away into the sea of faces, quietly, without regret

and not lose herself. Never lose herself. Never lose

The ability itself is my white horse

I am the knight who prefers a good heart to a good show.

Protecting the good heart requires no stage.

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