The Beauty of Street Art 

I live in a city covered in street art. Ever since I started taking thousands of pictures on my long walks through different neighborhoods, I’ve come to recognize the various forms of public art that exist here: the crap people write on walls whilst drunk, the privately commissioned murals decking the sides of lofty brick buildings, the tags of dreamer graffitists, and the generally ephemeral sketches of great artists and thinkers. Art fitting these categories exists all around, side-by-side and, at times, overlapping and overwhelming each other. Here are a handful of the pieces I’ve come across:

Windows in Soho

  Motivational tidings in Dumbo

    A whimsical stampede in Dumbo
Ice sculptor Joseph O’Donoghue’s maple leaf (and trimmings) on Plymouth Street, Brooklyn

A child’s memorial in Hamilton Heights

The Heart on Pearl Street, Brooklyn

That’s what they all say. Banksy in Chelsea.

This one’s all over. I agree.

A reminder outside of a bottled tea factory in the most desolate space between Dumbo and Vinegar Hill.

Tape poetry is the least invasive and most blink/gone of street art forms. People like to peel stuff off other stuff, I guess. Sigh. Thanks for this, John Clare. 

Writing on the wall in a mysterious alley.


LES meditations
  Duh. Easy Village.

The sad girl in Greenpoint.    

(UWS) Remember:

Paul Richard in shade (Greenpoint, LES)

 Nice collaboration in Hell’s Kitchen:

Shy Girl. LES.

Whimsical window art at Cafe Latte in Harlem.

Very important advice in Park Slope.

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