Entry 71315- Stand

The cup overflows;

left out in a storm, it did what it could.

I watched the glass fill with new drops, pushing out the old,

the same element both forceful as it stood

defenseless as it fell:

itself/another, everything/nothing

My thoughts are much the same, these days.

Defenseless as they rise up to reframe old ideas,

Forcefully…they come to mind, anyway. Fearless.

I could stand as strong as these lofty visions, unafraid to drop from clouds heavy like rainwater-

down, weighty, spreading

into the earth.

To fall and become part of something.

To release and be more than thoughts.

For now, I am the cup: thought-full barrier to earth and water.

Filling up and spilling out seems the only way.

The storm is the answer.

This cup overflows.

With time, I’ll return to my element.

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