Climbing Trees, Smelling Flowers: A Rainy Nature Walk

I kneeled to the glory of mushrooms growing up from cracks in the pavement. How tough must they be to choose this place to live.  I looked deep into layers of rough, rain-stained bark, wondering at the strength of this skin. I climbed a tree! It was soaked and full of baby bugs. I recognized the hunger after two days of rain brought living things into closer proximity. The cardinal was brazen before me; the rat was scared witless. I stopped to smell wild roses. Their scent is as sweet as their thorns are prickly. They hang and sprawl, childlike.  Looking up at two-toned tree trunks, I felt lonely noticing. Everybody was running by, muscular legs speckled by mud. With the sturdy stems of baby leaves between my fingers, I wished them well this season and next. Like all little things that come out of nature on schedule, they’re taken for granted. Some kids planted flowers that grew. They are hard, pastels would do them artistic justice, they aren’t flowers so most eyes go right by them.    This tree was so alive other things planted themselves on it and called it home. A scene from the green world rain paints:We humans need to start taking a cue from the natural world we interrupt and make beautiful messes like this.    

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