The Soul Journey of ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’


What are we to do when something nags us inside and won’t let our attention go? What are we, soft humans, to think when we are caught being so very different from the crowd and feel no remorse- feel nothing but the irrepressible urge to follow the thing that calls our name? Obsessed, possessed, crazy- maybe we are. But I think there’s a bit of a treasure hunter in us all, and though the film story of Kumiko, a young Japanese woman who runs away from her life in Tokyo to travel through the freezing north of Minnesota looking for a briefcase full of money as seen in the movie ‘Fargo’, is extreme, the much-lived alternative to taking extreme risks is doing nothing. So, I dare to say Kumiko is a heroine, with all her flaws, crimes, and possible insanity, simply because she dares to follow the voice that tells her to seek treasure in life.

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