‘The Judge’: Fathers and Sons


“I saw him in you”
“I saw you in him”

The house of mirrors that is every story about fathers and sons in America grips American audiences like nothing else (for better or worse). ‘The Judge’ stars Robert Duvall as the well-respected judge in a small midwestern town and Robert Downey Jr. as his big shot son who moved away hoping never to return to his father’s overbearing, ever-unsatisfied presence.


The story begins when he does return and the wise-cracking, quick wit that got him all the way to the big leagues as a high-priced defense attorney takes him ten steps back at home. There, in that tiny town where everyone knows everyone, his big time reputation is reduced quickly to who he was when he left: the good-for-nothing son of the utterly reputable town lawmaker. His return home is about facing who he became by confronting his past.

The story successfully comes full circle, bringing each character to his knees at the alter of his own mistakes- I prefer not to give anything away about this one. 🙂


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