Gun Violence On-Screen in ‘Blue Caprice’

The truest expression of horror is exacting terrifying measures on innocent creatures in an emotionless state. ‘Blue Caprice’, based on true events, is a horror film. Without much blood, and with very little intimate expression on the part of the murderer, the viewer is left with a knot of unknowing in their vulnerable belly: this boy who shoots at the direction of this angry, heartless psychopath could be almost any unloved young boy. Watching the abuse of the abuser, the boy whose voice is only distinctly heard reading lines from a manual for snipers in training, is abhorrently chilling. Disgusting. Saddening. All because this happened, and shootings like this have happened and do happen in this country and no film analysis of events can manage the collective grief or mitigate the unknowing we experience over those thoughts: it could be him, it could be us, it could be any time and there’s no way of telling when or where. Evil has no boundaries. ‘Blue Caprice’ is a horror film about an ever-expanding reality of passionless murder.

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