Project Continua + The Sackler Center


I was blown away by the success of Saturday’s Wikipedia edit-a-thon. We couldn’t have hoped for a more enthusiastic or diverse community of participants. Project Continua’s Director, Gina Luria Walker, said during her remarks that by editing articles about historical women, we were “making history by providing an alternative narrative of the past.” A shared belief in the importance of this work was palpable.

During the event, novice editors had the opportunity to ask questions and consult these resources, which we created in partnership with Project Continua. Our hope is that these participants left feeling empowered to start contributing to Wikipedia, thereby sharing their important work on women (which, in many cases, is not popularly known or obscured by misinformation) with a much larger, broader audience.

There were many participants who made lasting impressions, and I’ll detail those stories in greater depth in a series of posts to follow. Needless to say, we would like to truly thank everyone that joined us on Saturday. The edit-a-thon cemented our commitment to continue working with Wikipedia, and we hope this is the first of many similar events in the future.  

Posted by Alexandra Thom

#ProjectContinua is growing strong.

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