The Stand Comedy Club & Restaurant is Now Open in Gramercy

 If you have a sense of humor and an eclectic palette, and want to make sure the person you’re dating does, take them to dinner and a comedy show at The Stand. This bar/restaurant has its own downstairs showroom, where both seasoned and up-and-coming comedians take the stage each night at 8:30pm and 10:30pm.
The Stand’s menu is a fusion of American comfort food and Asian flavors. Marinated duck, cucumber, and goat cheese pizzettes, chicken pot pie served in a brioche bowl, housemade mushroom burgers, and seasoned waffle fries are among their hearty entrees. Sweet-and-spicy tuna wrapped in cannoli shells are a decadent treat. Don’t leave without trying their amazing porkbelly filled fried rice balls! Served with a delicious spicy dijon and sweet sauce, they are the star of the small plates menu.

When you head downstairs, please consider where you sit! The space is long and the stage is brightly lit, while the rest of the seats are in the dark. If the comedian can see you, you will probably be made part of the act. Each and every act…like five of them, plus your host. Nearly everyone you’ll see has been featured on Comedy Central and you don’t get there playing it PC: Lynne Koplitz, Big Jay Oakerson, Derek Gaines, Talia Herari— they all have an honest kick to their stage personas, so if they ask you why you wore that sweater, or brought that guy, or why you have such a mediocre job, think about the consequences of answering. The thing about comedy clubs is that they will rock no matter what. You’re bound to find something “wrong”, but more so, quite interesting.

The night I visited, a couple and their tag-along friend, a magazine editor, and a group of advertising professionals were sacrificed for the entertainment of their fellow audience members. A physically astonishing actor-waiter took things personally and got caught up in the mix trying to defend his lifestyle. It was all very funny, and -being off-the-cuff, I’d say we spent the night in the company of very talented performers, but, in warning, I’ll just say to be mindful of the role you want to take in the show. And definitely get the Nutella fondue. It comes with toasted marshmallows, fresh pineapple, soft red velvet cookies, among other wondrous things.

The Stand NYC: 239 Third Avenue btwn 19th & 20th Streets, 212-677-2600

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