KTCHN: Now Open on West 42nd Street

KTCHN, located at The Out NYC (and sister to the Hell’s Kitchen hotspot Eatery), is a delicious new fixture on West 42nd Street. Smooth white chairs dot the spacious bar-room at front and glassy counter stools line the bar. The candle-lit dining-room has a more private feel to it, with a neutral toned palette and dark leather booths. The place is both stylish and inviting.

The menu has three pages: cocktails and glasses, plates, and bottles. KTCHN’s resident mixologist created eight sumptuous blends and I tried three. The Passion of Luv is made of hibiscus tea-infused vodka (infusion takes place on the premises), blended with framboise, is set to pleasantly knock you on your booty. The Triple Smash is made of muddled berries mixed with crushed mint, lemon, bourbon and maple syrup. It is rich, warming, and sweet. The Rooftop Garden is my favorite for it’s cooling, herbal flavor. It’s cucumber juice and sage stirred with tequila and club soda.

The food is American comfort taken up a level by the influence of potent middle eastern spice blends. With a devotion to procuring the finest ingredients, KTCHN serves only Amish chickens. which are, by far, the juiciest I have yet tasted. Interesting takes on relatively “new” restaurant favorites include quinoa cubes, which, with their crispy outsides and moist yet crumbly center, could be described as quinoa falafel in style, if not texture (as legumes remain somewhat dry and firm when cooked). Spicy tempura green beans (super crispy) and spicy “sexy” fries are satisfying snacks one could order at the bar (gnoshing at your leisure is encouraged). When you see “bacon” on the menu, and if that is your thing, I suggest you order away. The thick-cut, braised smoked bacon is absolutely luscious with chef’s blue cheese sauce, crispy polenta and artichokes. In terms of greenery and sweets, the seasonal presence of stone fruit in the many salads and beautifully designed desserts (see images) should be appreciated before the summer is out!

When it comes to choosing between chocolate, berries, and the nuttier flavors on the dessert menu, fear not. The sweets at KTCHN are medleys of flavor, not overpowering or heavy. The pistachio semi freddo is (as the Italian specialty should be) terribly creamy, as well as artfully displayed- topped with a chocolate fan, and accompanied by fresh cherries, cherry sauce, and tiny pistachio macarons. The honey-hazelnut mousse rests is a tear-drop of delightfully airy cream, which rests upon a honey soaked spongecake. Honey syrup, peach compote, and black plum sorbet top off the luxe flavor set. From start to finish, KTCHN should be a stop on your summer To Eat List, and beyond.

KTCHN: 510 West 42nd Street, NYC. (212) 868 2999

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