Depanneur of Williamsburg

A little market on a random block in Williamsburg has been thriving for years, now. The place was a dream come true: the finest cheeses, meats, and dry goods from around the world, all in one little place a block from the water. Rough and homey, the corner shop, Depanneur, runs on fine goods and customer service. The most amazing lattes are pumped out minute-to-minute, as locals have, by all Yelp accounts, become addicted and even dependent on this “bodega” or “deli” (Depanneur is the French term) for their multi-daily caffeine fixings.


  1. Interesting linguistic phenomenon: Dépannage translates as “troubleshooting” whereas dépanneur is a “convenience store.” I guess if you’re in trouble your first destination should be a convenience store or, as is referred to at some establishments, a “convenient store “


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