The Chocolate Room is Heaven & You Should Go There

The Chocolate Room in Cobble Hill Brooklyn is the kind of cafe you can enter comfortably in a group of ten, as a couple, or solo. The menu is centered around chocolate, as one would expect, but more than just being made of chocolate, the recipes ate inspired by the ingredient. A prime example is the butterscotch pudding. This luscious cupfull of sweet cream is topped with real coconut whipped cream. That sounds pretty great, but where is the cocoa? The pudding and whipped coco cream are both topped with a wafer of bittersweet chocolate. There is also a layer of cocoa sauce beneath the butterscotch. The chefs who work away the hours in the well-concealed kitchen, use chocolate as an accent as much as a mainstay, and all items are bold and stunningly chocolatey, no matter the actual amount of chocolate they contain. Go any time, any day, year round and taste the magic in this quiet little café au chocolat.

The Chocolate Room: 269 Court Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 

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