Serenity in Brooklyn at Tazza Cafe

I ran into Tazza when I got lost in Brooklyn Heights on a cold, rainy day. It seems that many of the best taste-related experiences are had on cold, rainy days, and on one of these dreadful days last winter, I walked into Tazza in need of a warm drink. I walked to the counter soaking wet and stared blankly at the glowing counter of cookie sandwiches, peppermint brownies and assorted meringues, and thought “well, what have I stumbled upon, after all?”

Just as I found the slightest bit of clarity and started to think about my order, a guy in red flank and a beanie said “do you know what you want?” This was an unpleasant awakening, but five greetings later he turned out to actually be quite nice if not wholly socially adept. I ordered my first round of goods and sat at a boxy, black table to wait for a friend, who would arrive equally wet and cold. Tea awaited him. What turned out to be the best of the best?

Here are my favorite Tazza things: Soup- any soup. You get a big, steaming bowl with a side if crunchy breadand butter at a very reasonable price. Excellently done, always. Panini- once again: any panini. I usually get the one with melty awesome Brie or goat cheese and either fig or apricot preserves. It’s a heavenly concoction I’ve tried to imitate on my own and the feeling just isn’t the same. Brownies- the brownies they carry are amazing! Rich, dense, fudge, cake-y all at once. The peppermint one I had my eyes on from the first few moments of my first visit is the best. The cookies are also totally worth not hesitating over (in case you needed the push). I basically just sit and keep going back for more as I feel to. It is actually, I will admit, a very pleasant place to spend a day.

Tazza: 311 Henry Street Brooklyn NY, 11201

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