Taim: ‘Delicious’ is right

While Taim is super tiny and you usually can’t get a seat at peak hours (which is most likely when you will go), walking and eating an amazing- and I by that I mean AMAZING – falafel sandwich is not that difficult. It is hand-held food, after all. No matter the wait, no matter the lack of seats, if you are in the West Village, go to Taim. There are three kinds of falafel: the red, the regular, and the green. The red includes pepper and the green is blended with cilantro and parsley. The pita is always super soft and flexible- perfect to hold the light, cole-slaw like cabbage and tomato, and cucumber salad, a generous amount of falafel, and truly tasty tahini sauce. Get it (to go) with the crispy, awesome French fries (served with specially made aioli), some real mint and honey tea, and enjoy your walk!

222 Waverly Place NYC 10014 // (212) 691-6101

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