Sarabeth’s West Offers Rural Fare in an Urban Setting

Sarabeth’s Kitchen on the Westside of Manhattan is a place of extremes. For weekend brunch, it is packed to the brim from opening to close, but weekdays after 2 p.m. you can enter and take over any table you want for an indefinite period of time because it is totally barren of people (though mostly not of flavor). My theory about this pattern is that it’s so cozy that people don’t consider it for a night out on the town, as they could probably get “cozy” at home…though not likely with such a delicious menu on hand. Sarabeth’s West truly is a breakfast/brunch treat, also for those who delight in non-crowding in the after hours.

Everything is delicious and, even more than being sumptuous from first bite to the last, there is something special about the plate you’ll be served. It tastes like home (or what home might have been if you’d grown up in a quaint, rural town with a village mama who didn’t believe in store-bought pie). There’s a waffle made of potato, served with sour cream, chicken-apple sausage, apple preserves and maple syrup.

The farmer’s omelet comes with a gorgeous little muffin if your choice, and it’s filled with bacon, gruyere cheese and chives. I often can’t resist the pumpkin waffle that cones topped with sour cream, raisins, pumpkin seeds and warm honey. Dinner could be any variety of large, pleasantly clean-cut sandwiches with equally clean-cut fries (not greasy, easy to hold, though chock-full of goodness).

I say, go enjoy the peace and quiet of the evening shift whenever, and – when you feel adventurous, brace yourself to be thoroughly relieved when you get a seat during brunch hours. Either way, you will experience the country cottage feel of Sarabeth’s Kitchen.

Sarabeth’s Kitchen: 423 Amsterdam Ave. at 80th St.

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