Piola For Pizza Magic

Not a fan of tomatoey things, myself, I know that most of the United States is obsessed with pizza. Piola, which has more than 30 locations worldwide, is (in New York, at least) a cozy little pizzeria in the village that has over 50 varieties of individually made-to-order pizza flavor combinations. They also boast a sizable pasta menu, The pizza is to my liking because many if those flavors include only fresh tomato. That’s right: no canned tomato (well, I can’t say none of them have it, but you certainly have more fresh options than most places).

The interior is quite snazzy- the booths are plush and cozy, above there are non-glaring lights, and in the bathrooms and on the walls of the preceding hallway, hang images of sexy peppers in naughty positions (this, like good pizza, was new to me). Large groups are welcome. I tried the pizza Margherita, of course- a blend of fresh tomato layered with fresh mozzarella and basil leaves. My friend ordered the Piola- sun-dried tomatoes, sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil. The crusts were perfectly crispy crunchy and tender inside. We desserted ourselves out on torta nera con gelato- chocolate cake a la mode. I left a proud New Yorker, havingfully enjoyed my native dish (snicker, snicker- I jest) with zero reservations.

Piola NYC: 12 Street between Broadway and University Place

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