Mama Mexico Raises Delicious Food in Manhattan

Mama Mexico is consistently fun and full of good eats. It is now common to order guacamole and have someone come over to the table and prepare it before your eyes. At this place, though, the guy (I’ve never seen a woman prepping there) will actually make the activity look interesting- putting visible effort into the smashing, chopping, and mashing if your bowl of particularly great guacamole. It’s very satisfying. Beyond the sideshow, the food is spicy.

I’m really not a lady who can handle hot peppers, but I’ve never had problem here. The order comes quickly, but not supernaturally so, and the atmosphere is festive enough to brighten blues. Try the fried ice cream! They do it nicely with the crunch around the center at just the right temperature.

Mama Mexico: 2672 Broadway, NYC 10025

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