Cozy Gray Days at The Grey Dog Cafe

During one very rough finals season in college, The Grey Dog cafe gave me memorable tummy comfort. After spending a wholly sleepless night in one of the university computer labs, I finished my work with two hours until class. Without enough time to sleep or enough energy to continue studying, I headed out into the freezing winter morning in search of a warm, cozy space where I could sip a cup of hot chocolate in place of rest. I walked east, bundled up, dizzy, and hopeful.

I passed by Grey dog at 6:10 am and saw people inside, looking just as I hoped to feel: peacefulm, accomplished, and fed. I walked in and was greeted kindly. I looked up on the chalkboard and saw that they had Mexican hot cocoa- perfect. I had to wait for the banana bread, as it had just been removed from the oven. Lovely!

How refreshing: I was the earliest of birds. Many a meal later, I still enter Grey Dog with a sense of gratitude for that morning’s smooth sailing. I have never been back so early, but even when it’s packed full of people, I remember my first time there and the calm sets in. Interestingly, it is almost always full of hungry students. After 7:30, people start pouring in for big breakfasts with excellent coffee. The wood panels, the table tops inlaid with roadmaps, the huge and high counter full of sweets and savory things- every inch is homemade and inviting. New School students! Enjoy!

The Grey Dog: 90 University Place (and two other locations, see website)

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