American Comfort Food That’s ‘Good Enough To Eat’

The food at Good Enough To Eat is well-proportioned, “All-American,” and satisfying to all senses.

There’s a little extra something to each dish.

Take the turkey club as one example. I have never in my life been tempted to order a turkey club. One day I went to Good Enough to Eat and was devastated when the waitress told me that they were not serving the chocolate chip coconut pancakes with orange butter.

Wounded, I encountered the normal-people lunch section of the menu and, to my surprise, found that my eyes kept moving back to the description of a sandwich with turkey breast, crispy bacon, dill mayo, with the regular veggie-related fixings, structured by three slices of homemade, dill-spiked onion bread. I could order it with fruit instead of macaroni salad (which my friend ended up raving about, but I still couldn’t bring myself to try) and still get my pickle.

The little things count big, and slight additions or twists in otherwise humble recipes keep me coming back to Good Enough To Eat for more. Trust the name.

Good Enough To Eat: 483 Amsterdam Ave. at 83rd St.

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