Dessert Haven: Citrus Bar & Grill

There is no shortage of sugar in the city. Walking down any avenue, one will most-likely come into contact with at least one guy holding a tray of little cups, offering some sort of happy-tasting treat. I am usually interested in grabbing one. So, there are many, many places where a resident can get their sugar fix, but – as I recently learned (probably over again) – it is possible to find amazing dessert in places that do not distinctly advertise as confectionaries. Citrus comes to mind as a place of sushi and salad- as it is called a bar and grill.

I headed up to Citrus with a few friends, after a dinner that did not end with an impressive array of dessert options. One of the girls in the group is an advocate of trying new places, while I find myself going back to the same for the same, craving non-change. If not for this adventurous lady, I might not ever have found out about the sensory overload that is the Citrus Bar & Grill dessert menu. We walked in- four girls craving sweets on a full moon Friday night.

We sat down, got delicious chips and salsa and, crunching away, unable to make up our minds, we told the waiter – beaming – that we wanted everything they had to offer on the dessert menu.

Beaming back, knowingly I suppose, the guy said “I can do that, thank you ladies” and disappeared into the crowded, dark restaurant to fulfill our probably all to common order. Minutes later, we were presented with four plates, four spoons and a centerpiece containing a bowl if chocolate mole sauce and a tiny fire-pit to keep it lava-like.

The plates contained the following pieces: strawberry sauce topped cheesecake, red velvet cake, churros, and a banana bread pudding with fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Everything was fresh, everyone left satisfied, and I’ve since considered Citrus a dessert place, leaving out all actual food for pure, gustatory fun.

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