Refreshingly Fresh “Fast Food”: Chirping Chicken

Chicken and Pita Bread
The pro-sides of this food stop are many, including the simple facts that follow: it’s inexpensive, fast, and never tastes like fast food. The service is the same whether you stop by for table service or order-in. The servings are generous and the mainstay, namesake – the once chirping, now not so, chicken – is always tender and juicy, right off the grill. For pattern eaters, there is yet another plus: the menu is not big or fancy, but it feels one-up from your uber-casual diner food. They have your usual fries, onion rings, caesar salad – yes. But on top if all that there’s the great gyro and the any-meat-style you crave opportunity. They are open until 2am all week long and deliver to the end.

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