Ice Cream & Bliss at Rosa Mexicano

Rosa Mexicano has three locations in Manhattan- Lincoln Center, Union Square, and Midtown east. The Lincoln Center location has this gorgeous wall of falling men: art. It is grand, with blues and reds and high ceilings. While the place is visually stunning, no thing of sight can compare to what your tongue will experience if you happen to listen to me and skip into the land of postres.

The structure and focus of this article stems from the fact that I’m depressingly weak when it comes to handling pepper – and I mean ground black peppercorns and beyond – so, I’ll skip over the painful disaster that was the probably otherwise delicious meal, and get to dessert talk.


soft / bold / adventurous: Sweet potato and rum raisin ice cream will knock your socks off whether or not you happen to like root vegetables, or raisins, or even rum.

shocking / sensual / mysterious: The sea salt cajeta ice cream works like most infamous women in history: the intense flavor of the sweet is consumed and the pungent salt residue leaves you wanting another bite, until you’re through.

crispy / messy / playful: Churros rellenos used to just be churros served with three amazing dipping sauces. Now they are filled with the raspberry and caramel and the chocolate sauce is on the side. These make me feel like a naughty child for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on.

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