Le Monde of Manhattan

There are three things about Le Monde of Morningside Heights, Manhattan, that draw crowds: cream, liquor, and meat. Everything else is an accessory (no worries: there’s no shortage of excess here in the land of French flavor). I have written about their soup bowls of hot chocolate, a creamy, brain/body melting elixir, and now I feel compelled to tell the whole story.

This is, in my opinion, the most hospitable and taste-tempting of all the French sisters: French Roast Uptown and Downtown, Nice Matin, Cafe D’Alsace, Pigalle, Marseilles, Maison, and L’Express. As the website will attest, the cuisine is a stunning import from the Loire Valley, in central France, which is known for its rich, heavy, country dishes. Here are my top picks from the menu:

Mushroom ravioli

I like doughy things. Ravioli is like a happy surprise, even when you know what is inside. This mushroom ravioli is fresh, super woodsy, and dense. It comes in a deliciously creamy wine sauce.

Eggs Scandinave

Yay for the puckery cream sauce called hollandaise! Of course, this place does it right, it is smooth, zesty, and enveloping. The smoked salmon plays well off of the other textures.

Coq au vin

What says country better than chicken stewed in a red wine sauce? Add some more wine, and I do believe the meal will satisfy your hunger and then some.

Crème brûlée

Crackle, crunch, luscious, not-too-sweet vanilla cream. Part of the crunch here is real vanilla bean. The other, of course, is what should always be the case: the sugar crust is divine.

Le Monde: 2885 Broadway, NYC 10025

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