Classy & Sweet Harney & Sons, Soho

Going to tea and drinking tea is not just about tea. There is this all-to-common misperception about tea: that it is an alternative to coffee, more refined, but just as easy to make happen. While some portion of the world population must consider tea their coffee (a part of their daily routine) it is, in no way, an “alternative” drink. It is, in itself, an art.

Tea is about sitting down to drink a cup of it, brewed properly, and breathing for a few minutes to invite in the peace the scents and warmth inspire. At Harney & Sons in Soho, not only does one have the opportunity to take in a perfectly brewed pot of tea, you do it in a te-arena: surrounded on three sides by walls stacked with tins of tea in all the colors of the rainbow (it’s darn classy, of course). The staff is made up of ladies and gents who truly know their tea. Any one of them can, and obvously will, lead you to just the right brew to suit your mood. The lavender walls and dark wood tables of the cafe area, toward the back, are, all at once, comforting and distinctly stylish.

Treats include sweet and savory scones, specially flavored butters (mustard, for example), and a cheese and crackers platter to share, if you will. As is only fair in a world that is tealicious, the menu of tea is much longer than the food menu. My recommendation: set yourself up with a pot of rose black tea and a couple of jasmine (pictured above) or Earl grey macarons. Sit and breath in deeply to inhale the flowery scent of the brew and taste the delicate flavor of each almond macaron with gratitude. Enter Harney & Sons for some tranquility and make sure you don’t leave before you’ve given thanks for your tea time.

Harney & Sons SoHo, 433 Broome Street  New York, NY 10013 (212) 933-4853

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