Lose Yourself (a Little Itty Bite): Brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter I

Upon entering the magical sugar-filled world that is Alice’s Tea Cup (specifically Chapter I) one should feel quite warm and fully prepared to indulge in deliciousness like time is of no importance, whatsoever. Why come to a place inspired by a little girl who gets lost in another dimension, where the fact that clocks tick does not mean they tell time, if not to lose yourself and worries for awhile? Despite the fact that this little tea spot manages a line of devotees from 8am to 8pm, daily (it is, for example, often packed by 8:15am on Saturday mornings- no matter the weather), the whimsicality of the fairy wings, mismatched tea sets, the writings on the wall (literally- excerpts from Chapter I are in purple script on the walls), and the flavors of the food might as well lead guests into carefree foodie time.

Nothing in the place matches perfectly and everything tastes delicious. Little kids love Alice’s, but big kids are just as delighted by the huge chocolatey fruit filled scones, the 100+ teas available daily, and the fact that you will not be rushed to your conclusions about your order or departure by the friendly, totally on-top-of-things waitstaff. I highly recommend getting there early on a Saturday of Sunday to experience the less crowded time slot and enjoy the pleasures of a Scones Benedict with chicken hash or the ambrosia that is Alice’s Bread Pudding (vanilla sauce, berries, notes of citrus, otherwise known as heaven).

If you get there at any other time, you non-morning people, do try the curry chicken sandwich. Scones are a must. They occasionally have fantastically odd cupcake flavors (like Earl grey infused cake with lavender vanilla frosting). I will not even try to recommend tea, because… to each her/his own, and bless you. Enjoy Alice’s for the feeling of the space, the getaway nature of the place, and the time that can be shared with sweet others over one after another gorgeous, delicious meals.

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter I, 102 West 73 Street (212) 799-3006

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