I came to use tarot with a heart full of chaotic, unnameable emotions that kept me from telling my story effectively. I was a writer who had lost her words. Story is what I found in the archetypes of the Smith-Waite deck (my first), and it was the beginning of my own healing journey. As I began pulling out my cards for troubled (and curious) friends more regularly, I began to recognize patterns between the card combinations/positions through case studies of those closest to me.

From there, I branched-out and read for others, listening, reworking, and applying the patterns that became the core of my confidence as a reader. The experiences that followed struck me so that I felt a deep and profound sense of purpose in doing this work and made it my path.Where there are no words, or where circumstances tangle into difficult knots, the tarot gives us symbols and keys meant to lead us back to our personal truths. That is where the work begins, facilitated by the Reader.

The Reader is a medium that presents what the cards may offer, which is always related to the Seeker’s personal story and the way they are relating to it.When I work with Seekers, readings involve not only the cards I use in a spread, but relevant information about the impact of major astrological transits, lunar astrology, myths and archetypes related to the cards, and numerology. The tapestry of a Seeker’s story is woven through with multiple threads of understanding, which they are free to take, leave, return to, and question, as their free will is the overriding force of our exchange. I am here to help those who wish to enter this space of understanding along on their way, forever prioritizing the Seeker’s free will over the options presented to them. This experience is meant to be, above all, empowering and uplifting. I welcome you to journey with me.

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